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Anger is a natural human emotion. However, when it gets out of control it can cause problems in relationships, work, health and overall happiness.

Learning to express and manage your anger constructively can significantly improve self-confidence, bring harmony to relationships and increase personal wellbeing.

Anger Management Issues

Anger can be experienced in different forms, from mild irritation to uncontrollable rage. Some anger management issues include the following:

  • Angry verbal outbursts or rages which cause hurt and escalate problems.
  • Non-verbal anger where silent treatment is employed because communication is too difficult.
  • Repressed anger – when anger is turned inwards towards yourself and can contribute to depression or anxiety.
  • Passive aggressive anger – where anger is communicated indirectly, for example via sarcasm, gossip or “humour”.
  • “Irrational” anger – when small things that don’t appear to warrant strong anger yet cause intense angry feelings or explosive outbursts.
  • Domestic violence and controlling behaviour.

Counselling and Psychotherapy Can Help You:

  • To recognise triggers which ignite anger and how to manage them effectively.
  • Develop strategies which can de-escalate physically intense anger, so you don’t become overwhelmed and lose control.
  • Develop coping strategies to manage anger provoking situations.
  • To understand how to identify and create conditions which make it easier for you to successfully address upsetting situations.
  • Discover communication techniques which enable you to achieve constructive outcomes.
  • To understand how old habits can contribute to problem/anger escalation, and how to work with strategies towards achieving more positive results.
  • Experience how constructive expression of anger can build self-confidence, enrichen relationships and contribute to success at work.

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