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Bereavement is a natural but painful response to loss. Counselling can help you manage your grief. Everyone’s experience of grief and bereavement is unique.

Any loss needs to be acknowledged for us to move forward. Bereavement can mean finding a suitable place for the lost person, pet, object or event, to allow life to continue with adaptation and change, not forgetting or wiping out the memory.

When we experience bereavement we are coping with grief and loss. It is normal to feel sadness and even anger or guilt, as we have lost someone or something close to us. The natural grief stages include fear, loneliness, sadness, denial, anger and letting go. While painful, the grieving process enables us to come to terms with the loss.

Many people find it hard to deal with grief and try to manage by keeping things bottled up, or denying the sadness. However, this can prolong the pain and lead to long term difficulties which affect your relationships and work and can even lead to depression.

Some of the issues individuals might be facing:

Some Of The Issues Individuals Might Be Facing:

  • Death of a Loved One
  • Bereavement and Children
  • Pregnancy loss – Miscarriage / Abortion
  • End of a Relationship
  • Children Moving Away
  • Pet loss and Pet Bereavement
  • Personal Injury / Illness
  • Redundancy
  • Moving Home

Counselling & Psychotherapy Can Help You With:

Bereavement Counselling can help you through the grieving process. Many people find it helpful to talk about their grief and loss in a confidential safe space. Whilst those around you may mean well, people often find they don’t fully understand or it is just too difficult to talk to family or friends about what you are going through.

Bereavement counselling provides the support you need to process the painful emotions, manage the loss, adjust to your new life and make relevant changes to help you cope and move forward.

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