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Bullying is more common than you might first think, and it is often underestimated. Bullying can occur during all stages of life; at school, work, university, online and almost anywhere. People who have experienced bullying often find counselling helpful, whether that’s dealing with a current bullying incident or something that has happened earlier in life.

Bullying can result in a number of things including low self-esteem, depression, self-harming and suicidal thoughts. Speaking to a counsellor can help victims of bullying deal with incidents of bullying as well as looking at others behaviour. Often clients come to counselling for other reasons and the root cause of the behaviour is bullying. Counselling can help victims deal with the issues associated with bullying as well as dealing with the root cause.

The Benefits Of Counselling and Psychotherapy:

Not knowing how to deal with bullying in the work place, problems can escalate, making your work life more difficult and can lead to unnecessary anxiety, stress, or depression. The good news is, with the right help you can find ways how to deal with work place bullying and prevent it happening in future.

Counselling and Psychotherapy can help you explore in a safe and confidential environment to understand why you are being bullied at work. You will be helped in time, to develop reliable ways to deal with bullying at work effectively and build confidence to stop any bullying in your future.

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