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Obsessive Thoughts and Compulsive Behaviours

Obsessive thoughts and Compulsive behaviours often known as OCD, is a condition where someone will experience obsessional thinking followed by compulsive urges. Obsessions may take the form of thoughts, worries, doubts, fears, images or impulses and subsequent compulsions can take many forms.

For many people obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours symptoms appear in childhood. Not only those thoughts and behaviours can affect day to day living it can also be related and impact upon a persons relationships.

Some Obsessive Thoughts

Fear of contamination
Fear of harm
Unwanted sexual thoughts
Religious obsession
Fear of losing control
Need for perfectionism

Some Compulsive Behaviours

Ritualistic cleaning and washing
Mental compulsions
Other compulsions


Counselling and psychotherapy can offer a space for exploring the experience of obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours and helps the person to find ways for managing and alleviating symptoms.

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