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Panic Attacks

A panic attack can occur suddenly without warning, and for what appears to be no logical reason. Panic attack symptoms can be extremely frightening to those who aren’t aware. Alongside the feelings of anxiety they provoke, a host of other symptoms can accompany a panic attack such as:

  • A seemingly loud, fast or irregular heart beat
  • Chest pains
  • Sweating
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling Faint
  • Chills
  • Trembling
  • Nausea
  • A churning stomach
  • Shallow breathing or shortness of breath
  • An overwhelming fear of dying
  • A sense of dread
  • Tingling sensations in the body
  • Numbness
  • Hot flushes in the body
  • A choking sensation

People who often experience panic intrusions, tend to experience general feelings of worry and anxiety in their daily life. They experience panic attacks on a regular basis. For some, panic attacks occur as much as two or three times a week, whereas for others an attack may happen once or twice a month.

Counselling and psychotherapy can help people to address panic in a number of ways including understanding and managing panic symptoms, overcoming panic attacks and reducing panic frequency.

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